Silva Screenprinting is a minority owned high volume textile screenprinting facility in Minneapolis, Minnesota
Silva Screenprinting and Distribution LLC
2425 Kennedy Street NE
Minneapolis, MN 55413

Order Information

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Silva Screenprinting stands behind the quality of our products and services. Unfortunately, irregularities may occur during the manufacturing process. Please see our current policies listed below.

Customer Supplied Goods/Contract Printing

Silva Screenprinting will print on merchandise that is supplied by the customer. We do not however guarantee the quality of prints on customer supplied merchandise, or the printability of individual garments. We cannot be held responsible for spoiled or damaged goods supplied by the customer. Mistakes, while rare, do happen, please expect a misprint ratio of approximately 3%. If you need complete orders or exact number, please supply 3% overage. Any blank or unused garments will be returned with your order.

Garments drop shipped from a vendor may arrive in damaged condition, in this event, Silva Screenprinting will notify you of receipt of damaged or irregular goods prior to printing. Misprinted goods will be recycled and not be sent with the original job unless requested you. Known misprints will be shown on the original invoice as a credit for the print costs only.

Caution will be taken with any services on any custom, imported, pre-decorated, embroidered, specialty item or any items of an atypical or difficult material. Silva Screenprinting will not guarantee printing or refund/replacement of these items, no exceptions.

Refund/Replacement Policy

You may request a refund/replacement in the following events:

  • Where the incorrect goods are delivered
  • Where the goods do not meet the specifications of the purchase order

In any other event there shall be no entitlement to any refund or replacement

To request a refund or replacement you must

  • Return the entire order to Silva Screenprinting prior to replacement or refund
  • Provide a written refund request outlining the reason for the refund
  • Make the request within 10 days of receiving the goods

Silva Screenprinting reserves the right to refund, replace or correct the entire returned order, at the discretion of management. Any replacement orders will be done to the specifications of the original PO only. No modifications to the art, number or sizes of garments, print location, color or changes to the original order will be allowed. Please allow 7 days for replacements. Replacement orders will be shipped according to the original shipping method listed on the PO.

In the event you do not desire replacements or corrections, Silva Screenprinting management reserves the right to approve or disapprove all refund requests and discounts.

There will be no refund in an amount exceeding the cost of the contract printing invoice.

A restocking fee of 20% will be assessed to all canceled orders where Silva Screenprinting provides garments, without exception.

Download our price list or Contact us to find out more

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